A Thank You To Our Superheroes!

We at NAI Miami would like to take a moment out of our busy lives to thank some of our heroes in the fight against Covid-19 within our own office, our property management department and maintenance personnel. These men and women are showing up to work every day working tirelessly out in the public to help keep our community and properties safe for all during these trying times.

Many people do not think of Commercial Real Estate as an essential business during times like pandemics and natural disasters. Yet, we are invaluable to our property owners, landlords, tenants and consumers who visit the properties we manage to pick up necessary supplies or to receive care in an emergency such as today.

Our property management department displays unwavering commitment, dedication, care and concern for many people they do not even know. They are at the front lines, working on fixing up properties, securing cleaning services and/or security companies to help ensure the safety for the properties and the people within.

We at NAI Miami want to express our heartfelt gratitude. The words “thank you” are just not enough to express how much we all appreciate you. But it is a start. It has been said before, real heroes don’t always wear capes. And you all prove that over and over again, especially during the hard times such as these.

Thank you for being our Superheroes!