NAI Miami Challenges You to Reposition Yourself and Learn Something New!

If you had all the time in the world what would you do?

NAI Miami challenges everyone to reposition themselves and learn something new as we quarantine to keep ourselves and loved ones safe and healthy.

Stay busy the smart way and pick up a book, listen to a podcast or do a deep dive into the “How To” world on Youtube.

Use the hashtags:







To show us what you’re learning and how you are stepping up.

Challenge your friends and family to learn something new with you!

Things our NAI Miami family are learning:

  • How to create a podcast
  • How to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to speak French
  • How to get more involved and help others

What are you going to learn?

#LearnSomethingNewChallenge to let us and your friends and family know that your staying busy the smart way.

If you’re interested in any Real Estate topics like:

  • How to invest in Real Estate?
  • How to get into Real Estate?
  • How to protect your Real Estate?

NAI Miami can hopefully teach you something new.

Check out our podcast Getting on the Greenwith Craig Merlin

Or find us on Youtube at NAI Miami