6 Simple Questions to Consider When Deciding to Buy or Rent

Is it financially better to buy or lease your office space?

As your business grows you may someday question which option works best for you. This question has many pros and cons but before you start making an intense list, check out the simple 6 question guided map our team has designed to help simplify the process.

“The answer is complex and depends in large part on the business type, size, and level of liquidity. A small professional service operation may be better off, long term, owning their office space. Conversely, an expanding restaurant operator may prefer to rent in an effort to keep capital expenditures & overhead to a minimum. 

Tax strategy may also play a part. The rent vs. buy conundrum could be discussed in depth for hours & I am happy to discuss with anyone who may have an interest.”

Jake Guso

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Is Renting Your Best Option

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“Is Buying Your Best Option”