Is Buying Your Best Option?

Every growing business will someday decide whether to buy or rent their next space. While weighing your options you should write out a pros/cons list. You might realize that buying is your best option.

If you still aren’t sure, take a look at the below infographic. Answering a few basic questions might help make the decision easier.

Some of the pros

Designing the Property as You Please

You have full control over your property and can decide what needs to be done in terms of designing your property according to your business needs.

Long-Term Investment

Owning a property is a long-term investment, while renting is a short-term fix.

Creation of Additional Revenue Streams

You can rent out any additional space your business isn’t using. 

Don’t Have to Deal With Landlord Restrictions

Do your business without the restrictions. Use your parking spaces, stay late or even come in on weekends.

Paying for Something You Actually Own

Does this really need an explanation? 

Take a look at a few of our properties to give you some ideas:

Office Building

Center of Kendall

Best in Class Suburban Office Building

11740 SW 80th Street

Miami, FL 33183

Office Condominiums


At Americas Gateway Park

1987 NW 88th Court

Doral, FL 3317

Corner Office


At Palmetto West Park

7791 NW 46th Street


Doral, FL 33166

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