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An Inside Look At “Getting On The Green”

Craig Merlin’sGetting on the Green” podcast sets out to explore the different pieces of the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) puzzle. From asset managers to property managers, “Getting on the Green” dives deep to uncover what goes into each of these roles. As a former professional golfer, Craig finds the CRE business to be much like his beloved game: it is a group effort that relies on feedback from peers, dedication, and practice. The melding of his two loves brings the podcast to life bringing the different roles and aspects that keep the CRE industry running to center stage.

Each guest surprisingly had one thing in common: they all had an outside interest that fueled them to succeed in the CRE business. Daniel De Pablo, a property manager, majored in criminology at FIU and was always interested in the psychology of people. As a property manager, he explains that this interest helps him be compassionate, helpful and resolve many problems with tenants. Larry Gautier, an Auburn University Alumni and fifth generation “Miamian,” attributes his success as a broker to the many roles he has held since 1980 in the commercial real estate business. He has held roles such as property manager which allows him to truly understand his clients, the buyers, and sellers he encounters every day.

Merlin uncovers helpful tips to succeed in this industry. As Timothy Merriman Jr. puts it, “One day you have to wake up and realize no one is going to do it for you.” Merriman explains to Merlin on the podcast that there is no secret to this industry except hard work. Like many things in life, there is no secret pill to make you a real estate guru. 

Each guest explains their personal journey how they “made it”,  resonating with the same idea: at the core, to be successful you must put in the work, day in, day out, of relationship building, research, and getting serious truly learning the ever-changing landscape of the Real Estate landscape. 

Ultimately the CRE industry cannot ever be explained in a nutshell. Craig Merlin sets out to do this and does a pin-up job of doing so. Make sure to take the time to listen to “Getting on the Green” where you will hear from real estate professionals speak about the restaurant industry, cost segregation, real estate law and so much more. 

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