Is Renting Your Best Option?

Every growing business will someday decide whether to buy or rent their next space. While weighing your options you should write out a pros/cons list. You might realize that renting is your best option.

If you still aren’t sure, take a look at the below infographic. Answering a few basic questions might help make the decision easier.

Some of the pros

Superior Location (for the price)

Enjoy the advantage of doing business in an area with a good location and high-profile image.

Fewer Responsibilities

You won’t have to worry about office maintenance, security, and other management issues.

Free Up Working Capital

Your money won’t be tied up in real estate costs, now you can prioritize on doing business. Your leased space may have some of the essentials you need, which frees you from purchasing them yourself.

Reduced Tax Paperwork

Owning a building or condo means almost limitless forms you are required to fill out.

Networking Opportunities

You will get a chance to interact with other businesses in the same location. While they may not be in the same field or industry, connecting with them can add to your productivity as a company or as an individual.

Take a look at a few of our properties to give you some ideas:

Retail / Restaurant Space

Alton Road South Beach

Ground level Baptist Health

709 – 745 Alton Road
Miami, Beach FL 33139

Modern Office Space

South Miami

Upgrade to luxury

7800 Red Road
South Miami, FL 33143

Office Suites

Heart of Doral

Fronting NW 79th Ave

2500 NW 79th Ave
Doral, FL 33122

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